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What we do

Support and Solutions

Royco Ltd. is partnered with various companies provides a variety of services. Royco Ltd. is a warehousing and storage facility, service center, third-party logistics and online fulfillment center.

Royco Ltd. handles each business service based on their customer’s needs and creates a logistic plan that meets their requirements.

Royco’s experience and dedication allows our clients to focus on building their business, knowing that they have an experienced and dedicated logistics staff focused on exceeding their warehousing and distribution needs.

In the Omni-Channel Retail Sector, the quick growth of e-commerce means that the end consumer expects an easy and efficient order placement process. Therefore, it is vital to source a trusted supply chain management partner with vast experience and knowledge in e-commerce to ensure that your end consumers have the best customer experience.


Call Centre operations


At Royco Ltd., our team members are highly-experienced and trained to handle all and any type of customer service calls. When answering a service call, all members are instructed to follow our procedure. Our procedure is simple, fast and effective. We ensure the customer remains calm and happy, in order to collect and confirm all necessary information about the unit such as, the model, the serial number, the date of purchase and the issue they are experiencing with the unit. We will also assist trouble shooting the issue with unit over the phone before suggesting the unit be sent in for repair or replacement. Our team is diversified with English, French and Spanish speakers allowing us to assist all customers across North America. While communicating with the customer, Royco Ltd.’s staff will be documenting any and all information provide onto our “Online Tracker.” Our hotline operates consistently throughout our business hours and if customers call after business hours, they are encouraged to leave a message or an email to our designated email address. As a member from our staff will contact them the following business day.