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Receiving, Storing, Warehousing & Shipping

Warehousing, 3PL Shipping & E-Commerce Fulfillment

Our logistics solutions can help both start-up and intentional companies have their own Canadian shipping point, usually preferred and often demanded by key retailers in our market. Cross border shipping can be extremely expensive and unreliable, with delays in customs, extra paperwork, changing tariffs and trading laws. 

Every major trailer has special requirements, on how shipments must be packaged and labelled. This can include CHEP pallets, height restrictions etc. We also know how and when delivery appointments must be made and how they must be shipped in order to be received in their warehouse and by their stores. This goes a long way to help your company avoid some possibly hefty fines. Royco is familiar with these and has detailed knowledge of each retailer’s needs. 

We ship to major retailers daily such as Costco, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Staples, Canadian Tire, Loblaws, Home Depot, Lowes and many more. Each day we ship orders from FTL (full trailer load), LTL (less than truck load) all the way to small individual packages. 


If your company is seasonal in nature, outsourcing your logistics needs allows you to reduce your costs during slower months, but still have all the benefits of a large warehouse when you need it. 

Royco also can provide trusted transportation options when White Glove service is require

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Once a shipment arrives at Royco, our receivers will complete a physical count of what has been received. They then compare what was physically counted to what has been issued on the packing list. If there is any discrepancy, our shipping-receiving department will notify your shipping department. After physically counting the shipment, we will enter the inventory into our system and send your shipping department a copy of our receiving report, illustrating what has been received into our system. The option to import your product directly to Royco’s centrally located warehouse, also saves time and money as duty is not paid upon entering the USA and again entering Canada. Eliminating the need for duty drawbacks, a time consuming, sometimes expensive process.

Inventory Control


Royco Ltd. has developed a software RMS Multi-Flex that controls our inventory within our warehouse. Our system can also pull inventory reports as frequently as needed. If your company requires a monthly or weekly inventory report, we will gladly provide those reports. Royco also performs circle counts on a weekly basis and physical inventory monthly and compares physical count against our inventory count in our system. In addition, we can allow a member of your company access to your inventory through our system for a monthly fee.

Drop & Bulk Shipments


Royco Ltd. has handled high-volume of shipments from one small package to a truckload or container of double-stacked pallets. We have mastered the time sensitive matter, when it comes to online and 3PL shipping. Royco ensures orders are picked, packed, and shipped within 24hrs of receipts of order. 

ERP-Supported Order Management


Royco Ltd. has provided refurbishing services for consumers and manufacturing companies for many years. We have stored, managed and interpreted all our data collected for all partnerships’ returns. Throughout the years, we have developed a simple system that our team is trained to maintain. If Royco Ltd. were to provide services for COMPANY, we will create one of our Online Trackers for your company. Our “Online Tracker” allows all members of our team to input and track data on a customer repair. 

The process begins with a Return Authorization number provided to the customer. Royco Ltd. can provide RA numbers to all customers. To receive an RA number, the customer would have to either call-in, walk-in or email and request a replacement or repair for their unit. A member from our team will then collect the customer’s information.